Thursday, September 4, 2014

I'm taking a break from working on my valet story for a few minutes while I try to decide if it's going to be a genuine historical or fantasy. I can't quite decide whether the fantasy route makes the story work, or whether it lets me be lazy. In the meantime, I'm going to make a quick confession of all the other thoughts clogging up my brain. 

Confession: I will probably die from eating too many sour gummies. I have no point at which they make me feel ill, and they always taste delicious to me.

Confession: When I fall asleep while reading, nine times out of ten it is during a sex scene. Oh, the clothes are coming off now? Zzzzz....

Confession: I am a total trope-buyer when it comes to ebooks. Friends to lovers? Buy. In love with best friend's brother? Buy. Nerds in love? Buy.

Confession: I will consider books with tropes I normally avoid if they have other elements I am looking for, but they have to come strongly recommended. And if anybody wants to write a non-binary POC historical fantasy with characters who aren't traditionally attractive and don't think penetrative sex is the only kind of "real" sex/sign of love AND that includes any of my favorite tropes, I might get so excited that I click buy ten times. 

Confession: I really like ninth graders. 

Confession: I have the absolute worst sense of direction. I started college classes at a new campus last week. I was twenty minutes late for my first class, despite arriving on campus ten minutes early, because I couldn't find the building. (In my defense, it wasn't on the campus map. Still, twenty minutes? The campus isn't that big...)

Confession: I do not judge books by their covers because I rarely even look at the covers. But really beautiful ones I use as the background on my technological devices. 

Confession: I really, really dislike covers with people on them. Not just naked torsos; any part of a person. It makes me feel like a horrible misanthrope.

Confession: For someone who is trained in and performs classical music, I like some really terrible music. I should probably be appalled by what's on my iPod.

Confession: I have become a much worse student since graduating and becoming a teacher than I ever was as an undergrad. 

...And I've made up my mind about the valet story. Back to it after lunch!

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